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We develop financial solutions that help new and existing financial institutions transition into the blockchain sector.

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Cutting-Edge Consultation

Cutting-Edge Consultation

A reckoning is coming for the financial sector, and blockchain technology is the agent of that reckoning. You know this already, but now what? How will the latest inflection point affect your business? Do you need to create your own blockchain? And what is a blockchain, anyway? Talk to us. We’ll help you identify what needs to change, and when that change needs to occur.

Compliance Expertise

Compliance Expertise

Beneath the surface of what we refer to as a seamless global community, lie myriad region-specific regulations that affect everything from how money is moved to how privacy is secured. With system architecture from AlphaFin, you can be confident that your solutions conform to the regulatory requirements of the regions you and tomorrow.

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions

The blockchain introduces countless efficiencies, but which of them are best for your unique strategies? At AlpahFin, we collaborate with businesses to identify and develop the architecture for blockchain-based systems and applications, and connect them with the development resources needed to see each project through to successful deployment.

Our Founders

Collectively, the AlphaFin team brings nearly 100 years of experience to every project. From the dawn of the Internet age, through the rise and dominance of the smartphone, and onward to the new frontier of blockchain innovation, each has made a career of leveraging what’s new and what’s next.

Dr. Adel ElMessiry at Alphafin
Dr. Adel ElMessiry CTO, President & Co-Founder
Dr. Adel ElMessiry at Alphafin
Alon Goren Co-Founder
Josef Holm at Alphafin
Josef Holm Co-Founder

Our Partners

AlphaFin’s partners are experts in their respective fields, spanning the globe, delivering products and services that change businesses, communities and lives.

Draper Goren Holm at Alphafin
WebDBTech at Alphafin
Legal Alignment at Alphafin
Accelerate Insite at Alphafin
Life Filez at Alphafin